At the beginning…

The name of our company, VOLX, originates from a little town in the Lubéron region of France, well knownfor its sport crag, which, in the 80s and 90s was a meeting point for forward thinking and innovative sportclimbers. These climbers took part in the development of the cliff which was used like a laboratory forclimbing moves, as new moves were invented. VOLX soon became the birthplace of high level sportclimbing boasting one of the first 8c grade climbs in France.

Founded in 1996, the company VOLX rapidly built a reputation for being one of the very first manufacturersof climbing holds.

Since then, we have added thousands of shapes to our offer, breaking new ground to satisfy the needs ofeven the most demanding climber, giving you the possibility to widen the range of your climbing moves.A natural way of life, purity of moves and design are still our most important values.
We now boast more than 2400 models of climbing holds available in technical or close to the rock ranges,we have given particular attention to the texture and the shape of each hold so that you can really enjoylong training sessions.

… and today

Today VOLX makes more than 70% of its sales abroad. Our market is divided between supplying holds toclimbing wall manufacturers, to distributors both in France and worldwide, to privately owned climbing gyms,to local councils, etc…

All our products are exclusively made on our own manufacturing site, and the “Made in France” labelcontinues to be a guarantee of quality. We rely on our 20 years of experience and on our leading edgeexpertise in the areas of molding, transformation of resins and composite materials.Our company keeps in close contact with several sports men and women. They use and test our productsand give us their feedback which allows us to constantly update their design.

We are partners of several important high level competitions, on a national and international level, and alsoof more local events, and we carry on taking an active part in the discovery, the development and thesupport of our discipline.

Our future orientation,
VOLX innovation

Innovation also means constantly improving the functionalities of our holds :

  • We have pushed our KISS (Keep It Strong and Safe) procedure to new limits in order to improve resistance and weight.
  • We have improved our VOLX SAFETY security device in order to make our products safer.
  • We have extended the use of the production procedure of our hollow holds to make an important gain in weight on the larger die cast parts, for better handling!
  • We have started using a new type of screw (BHC). You can now avoid drilling holes in your wooden structure by fixing micro holds with wooden screws.
    The attachment of the technical XS foot holds can be done by using inserts/T-nuts which are already present.
    This method allows you, at last, to fix micro-feet on concrete walls.We have extended our range to extra light volumes in laminated fiber glass, with a negative texture, based on VOLX’s own unique designs.

    A whole range of other projects are in the pipeline or ready to be launched on the market : we are looking forward to the future, ready to surprise you , the aim being to keep you satisfied.

    The reVOLXution is underway !!

    Our commitment to the environment :

    We are very conscious of the importance of respecting the place we live; so we have set up a general code of conduct for our whole production chain, with the aim to limit our environmental impact

    • Promote local suppliers
    • Choose resins which are the least aggressive to the environment
    • Get rid of dangerous additives.
    • Reduce production waste to a minimum
    • Recycle waste
    • Choose recyclable packaging materials
    • Set up selective refuse collection.
    • Organise group dispatch of our products, in order to limit transport, thus reducing CO2 emissions.