Megan Mascarenas


Born on October 29, 1997

I started climbing very young, early 2000ish. My step dad got my family into climbing and we have been hooked ever since! 
Then I started training near 2006 or a little later when I joined the team at my local gym to climb with friends.I started doing comps in 2006, then I quickly joined the U.S. Climbing team in 2007 and have been on it consecutively through today for youth and several years for adult. 

I love to climb outside; My favorite area is either Newlin Creek in Colorado or magic wood!!! The rock in both places is great quality and packed with great routes of various styles and movements.
Speaking of holds, I probably like crimps or pinches better, then slopes. And I like overhanging walls but not so much horizontal roofs

I much prefer bouldering, however it is a good change to hope on a rope on occasion.

Bouldering is more gymnastic moves without the restrictions ropes, clips and harnesses have. I also feel like it is more powerful and fun to try hard for a short time rather than less intense for a long period of time! I would like to give ice climbing a try though!!
I graduated last May from high school and I look forward to going to college on a science route, most likely towards the medical field!
I also hope to continue competing in the World Cup circuits, traveling and climbing outside whenever possible.

Besides climbing, I dedicate most of my time to school and doing homework. If I get some free time I like to go for hikes or to the park with my pup Storm!! I also love puzzles, games, riddles, puns, memorization,  music, making lattes or jewelry or crocheted things, and organizing anything haha !!
I’m excited to see the French because that is what I am learning in school right now!